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By now we of course all know about the MMA explosion that has swept through the country and around the world over the last few years. As this has happened, new MMA apparel and MMA merchandise companies have continued to spring up right and left, trying to compete with the likes of Tapout and Affliction.

The thing about Tapout apparel and Affliction merchandise is that both of these companies really know the sport and what it's all about. Neither one is just a company producing clothing, both are knee-deep in the culture of the sport and the lives of the fighters behind the scenes.

That means that the clothing you get from either of these MMA apparel companies really represents the true spirit of what mixed martial arts competition and training is all about. It's intense, it can be violent, it's physically demanding and it's a state of mind that says something about who you are.
You don't just "do" MMA fighting, you are an MMA fighter in and out of the ring. And whether you actually fight and train, or you're just a fan of these competitions, then you want to showcase all of that with MMA t-shirts and clothing that provide people a glimpse into that and let them know what you're all about.

Tapout merchandise has been around basically since the inception of the sport and the founders have played a large in the sport's development and growth, as they have supported fighters, grassroots organizations and more. Affliction is newer but no less authentic, and Affliction gear comes straight from the source as well.

That's not to say that all of the new companies are bad. Many of them provide high quality merchandise at great prices, such as the startup Intimidation Clothing which is beginning to make a name for itself. Even so, the best in the business remains the two big dogs, Affliction and Tapout.
Of course if you're a fan of boxing or other combat sports, you'll still find some great merchandise that you can rock from both Tapout and Affliction. After all, all of those traits mentioned above from intensity to mindset and physical demands are found elsewhere, and so you can train in and wear that kind of merchandise with pride.

If you're looking for a way to support MMA or boxing, show the world a bit about who you are or just find some great looking gear to wear, then you won't be disappointed with either Tapout or Affliction. Both of these companies are as real as it gets, and both represent the best in MMA apparel.
If you want the best in MMA merchandise and apparel, you have to turn to the biggest names. We'll help you find discounts and deals on all Affliction t-shirts and Tapout apparel so you can sport the latest in high quality MMA style.
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Very true, if you or someone you know ends up buying an mma shirt, there's a very strong chance that the mma shirt is from Affliction or the UFC. While you can get an mma shirt directly from fighter's webpages, which is probably the best way to support a fighter, there are some really good fighter shirt designs that are affiliated with Tapout, Affliction or the UFC.

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