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Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Thousands of adults and children enter the sport every year. As a MMA instructor, I am often asked what gear and clothing does a MMA student need. This is an important question because this is a serious sport and injuries can occur if you do not have the proper gear and clothing. The following gear and clothing is essential:

1. Mouthpiece- A mouthpiece protects the teeth and jaw and reduces concussions. A mouthpiece should conform to the upper teeth so it does not obstruct breathing when your mouth is open.

2. Groin protection-If you are a male this requirement is self explanitory.

3. Rash guard- A rash guard is a tight, spandex type shirt. It is important to wear to prevent staph infections, which are common in MMA dojo's.

4. Boxing/MMA Gloves- You will need boxing gloves for bag work and sparring. 16 oz gloves ar standard. Cheap gloves are made of vinyl and quality gloves are made of leather.

5. Headgear-Headgear helps absorb blows to the head. You should where headgear if you spar.

6. Shin guards- banging legs with a sparing partner is serious pain. I have seen legs get broken.

7. Fight shorts- fight shorts are specifically designed for MMA. The material is flexible. The legs typically have split seems for kicking.

8. Hand wraps-these protect the hands from fracture. You should wrap your hands if you will be doing any punching on bags, mits or sparing.

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Well, I'm not going to say that the rash guard counts as an mma shirt, but I guess it's better than no mma shirt. I guess, if the rash guard has a fighter's logo or name, and someone is willing to walk around with it in the real world, then yes, it does count as an mma shirt. Oh well.
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