Why People Hate MMA Shirts

MMA shirts are the most popular piece of MMA apparel, there is no shortage of great brands and designs to choose from. In fact, many mma stores carry well over 30 brands at the time of this writing! MMA t-shirts are the most well known type of MMA clothes and the most hated as well.

MMA shirts have been hated by a lot of mma fans and mma practitioners for the wrong reasons. These people think that only mma fighters should wear mma shirts. They think that a guy wearing an mma t-shirt at the mall is a poser. This is ridicules! If the people wearing an NBA shirt are all basketball players and the guys wearing Billabong board shorts at the beach are all surfers then you have every reason to feel mad about the mma shirts situation. But the thing is that mma is a sport and as a sport it has devoted fans that like to wear mma t-shirts! It's not like they are hanging out with a mouthpiece at a bar or have their hand wraps on at the mall. They just want to show their passion! I don't personally own a "branded" (Affliction, Tapout, Silver Star) mma shirt but I can understand the guys that buy them by the dozens.

After all it's a trend and it started with Affliction. Lot's of hand-drawing, gothic skulls, swords and chains. Like any other trend, this will soon fade. I like to wear mma clothes with slogans, alternative mma tees and funny mma shirts. I love the sport and I show my passion with a shirt. Everyone that loves mma should have at least 2 mma shirts. One of their favorite fighter and one with their favorite mma quote.

Somebody asked me the other day why do people with Affliction shirts give him the 'stink-eye'. Well there are some people who enter 'tough-mode' as soon as they put on their mma tee shirt. That's just the way it is. If you want to blame someone, blame the Affliction marketing team. Some fans associate toughness with a shirt and these people probably haven't step foot in a gym, ever! So, don't hate the mma shirts or the mma fans. Both play a vital role to the sport you love.

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I agree with this article in so many ways. First off, let people wear whatever they want to. If some guy wears an mma shirt, and he doesn't look like an mma fighter, then maybe he's wearing if for his son who is, or maybe his friend is a big fan, either way they don't really need to justify wearing an mma shirt.
A few year ago, before I became a fighter, I would walk around wearing my pride fc shirt, man it was the best shirt I had, people would seriously come and ask me if I was a fighter and sponsored by pride!?!? Geez, people?! I would then do a quick scope and ask them if they were sponsored by tommy hilfiger because of the shirt they were wearing, and they would quickly say no, and get defensive about it.
I personally like seeing people wearing an mma shirt, because at the very least, if you walk into a crowded room of people, none of which you know, and you see someone wearing an mma shirt, you know that there is a good chance that you have something in common to talk about.

In the end, however, if it's an mma shirt or a ballet shirt or a dog loving shirt, I think its best to just let people wear whatever they want to. After all it's just a shirt.

I am wearing an mma shirt right now, K. Sakuraba shirt - an oldie but goodie.

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